Property Investment

102Investing capital in a specific industry like property is a long-term way for individuals or families to obtain financial security for their present as well as future. As property values are rising in many countries, investors can achieve good capital growth.

Here are important points to consider about property investment:

1) The bottom line of property investment is to find an affordable property that can prove to be highly lucrative for the future. Anyone can invest in property and use any number of the many books and guides packed with helpful information that are available on the internet and at local bookstores and libraries.

2) Sometimes this huge amount of information can seem to be complicated and confusing. The best advice is to start from a primary level and then learn some tricks of the trade. If you are a beginner, you must look for a profitable property investment…so seek articles and tips on this.

3) Though the whole scenario of investments is always changing, property investment is still a viable means to enhance your financial portfolio. As time moves on, for example with newer media options of television and internet, new trends in property investment are appearing.

4) In the last decade, a common way to buy and sell property was to buy a house and / or to fix the existing problems. Prepare your property for resale and then sell the house quickly.

5) Residential property investment is the investment that can carry low risk and is not like investing in commercial property where investors have to worry about the conditions of businesses. Property investment loans are not as difficult to get as other types of loans and investing in residential properties can give investors a substantial financial boost.

Investors must consider the surrounding environment. For example, if you are buying residential properties then check whether there are sufficient numbers of schools, hospitals, main roads etc. to support our day-to-day existence.

Also check out the history of capital growth rate in the area in last at least 15 years. Make sure that property investment is worth the capital benefit. You must also consider the population growth rate of the locality.

Investors can also get property investment loans and attain about 106% of the purchase price. However, to qualify for such loans, your financial conditions must be able to sustain your current liabilities as well as the investment home loans. Lenders usually assess your assets, income and credit profile before financing your investments.

Investing in property extensive financial planning, but it also gives you some great tax benefits. Even though the market shifts all the time in the property sector, buying and selling property is always a good industry to be involved in.

If you are planning to invest in property, you need to take advice from experts or you can conduct research on the internet, attend seminars, interact with social groups and then read as much as possible regarding this matter to clear up all your investment doubts. The more you know about market, the better you will become at finding good property investments.

Consider a Second Home as an Investment Property

Arizona has long been the preferred vacation destination for northerners looking for a break from the bitter cold of winter. Some of these tourists even purchased a second home in Arizona for their part-time residence. But second homes in Arizona are not just for the average “snow bird”, and these second homes don’t have to be a typical retirement property.

More and more people are considering a second home for an investment property. In fact, sales of second homes accounts for a third of all real estate sales in the last year. Unlike the typical retiree property, many second home properties are used as rental properties for investment gain. These home owners realize income from the rental, as well as tax benefits and appreciation in value.

As the population ages, there is a significant increase in the number of people considering a second home for investment potential. Many people consider these second homes as short-term investments, and long-term retirement potential.

These second-homes aren’t necessarily small single-family properties or small apartment-like condominium. Instead these investment properties are often properties the investor can picture themselves living in long-term. This means the properties may offer amenities that are for more custom and appealing to a very active population. Investment properties are located close to golf courses and recreational properties, feature spectacular view, easy access to spas, and plenty of space for entertaining.

These properties don’t necessarily fall into one single category – the second home market can include small efficiency condominiums, or larger, more expansive properties. What they do have in common is the ability to meet the needs of the owner long-term.

These highly customized homes offer great rental potential. Arizona continues to attract many high-tech businesses. The right property in the right location can mean a steady stream of executive renters, and a great rental income. This second property can not only bring in income, but pay off the mortgage long before retirement.

Real estate investment is an excellent way to grow wealth. These second homes give owners a unique opportunity to accrue value. In Arizona, real estate prices have appreciated at a truly spectacular rate. While prices have cooled down from the lightening-hot rates of the past year, appreciation still remains extremely strong. When compared to other investment opportunities, it’s clear that real estate is a stable and profitable investment.

There are a number of mortgage options that are quite unique to the second home market. For investors that are would like to pursue a second home, a quality mortgage agent can show you a number of options that make the second home not only possible, but extremely profitable.

Investment Property


How long do you plan on owning the investment property? As with stocks and bonds, the value of your investment may change significantly during the time you own it. While most real estate will appreciate in value over time, there are frequent fluctuations in the short-term market. If you plan on selling your investment property after less than five years, be prepared to accept the investment risk inherent in a shorter time horizon. This is especially true if you bought your property in an overheated real estate market. If this is the case, you could find yourself losing money if the market has taken a temporary downturn, especially if you’ve had to make major repairs to the property.

If you plan on owning the property for the next twenty to twenty-five years, it’s almost certain that your investment property will appreciate in value. There’s also a good chance, however, that you’ll have to make major repairs like replacing the roof, wiring system, or major appliances like a water heater or refrigerator. Of course, these repairs will be offset by the fact that you’ve had/will have twenty plus years to recoup the cost. If on the other hand, you’re only planning on owning an investment property for the next five years, buying a “fixer up’er” can eat up all the profits you would have made during your shorter investment horizon.


If you want the best deal possible on an investment property, than there are some people you’ll want to be friends with. City hall clerks and bank employees may know what properties will be available on foreclosure and when they will go on the market. Real estate agents usually know everything real estate related within their respective territory. Some prospective landlords even run ads in local newspapers.

Many individuals interested in entering the investment property market may even join local landlord or investment property owners organizations. These types of organizations hold regular meetings where you can get the inside scoop on what’s for sale in your area. The National Real Estate Investors Association is an online organization that provides a wealth of information and resources to potential investment property owners.

Financial Preparation

Get your finances in order. The less debt you have when you walk into your local lending institution, the better loan you’ll get. This is common sense, but it’s even more true for those seeking financing for an investment property. This is because lenders know that people are much more likely to default on a rental property than on their own homes. This means that the bank will demand a larger down payment and higher interest rates that you may have expected. It’s also a good idea to have some extra cash left over to make unforeseen repairs should they arise.

By wisely choosing an investment property time horizon, making contacts in the investment property community, and preparing proper financial meansFree Articles, your investment may become a significant means of supplementing retirement and other savings accounts.

Slovenia Property 8 Reasons you Should Buy Investment Property

With prices in many areas rising at 30% per annum and forecast growth for the next 10 years to be almost 300%, Slovenian property has a lot to offer potential investors.

In this article we will look at the reasons you should consider buying property in Slovenia.

1. Geographical location

Slovenia is located to the right of the Trieste region of Italy, and also has borders with Croatia, Austria and Hungary.

While a beautiful country in itself with much to offer, it also makes a great base to explore a host of nearby attractions with cities such as Venice, Prague and Budapest close by.

For skiers, the slopes of Austria and Northern Italy are within easy reach, yet property is much cheaper here than in either country.

2. Beauty

Slovenia may only be a small country, but it has a lot to offer in terms of scenery including:

Snow capped mountains, fairytale forests, rolling hills, stunning valleys with vineyards, as well as lakes, rivers and waterfalls.

In addition to this natural beauty, there are beautiful towns such as the capital Ljubljana, with its striking church spires, stunning baroque architecture and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Popular areas to buy property outside the capital include:

Primorska with its Adriatic coastline, the lakeside resort of Bled, the ski resorts of, Bohinj and Kranska gora with easy access to the Julian Alps and the beautiful Soca Valley region.

Slovenia is diverse in what it offers to overseas property investors and there are many areas that offer stunning natural beauty and the potential to make some great capital growth to.

3. Economic stability

Slovenia’s geographical position and recent membership of the European Union (EC) which it joined in 2004, has seen foreign capital investment flow into the country and Slovenia now boasts the highest growth rate of any new EU member, which is running at around 5% per annum.

This strength in the economy, combined with an increase in tourism, is the driving force behind the boom in Slovenia property.

4. Housing shortage

In many areas there is a shortage of quality housing. The perfect example of this is the capital Ljubljana, where strict restrictions on land development are driving property prices higher.

Many of the major tourist destinations are also suffering a shortage, as the increasing influx of tourists puts pressure on local accommodation.

5. Growth in tourism

The government is committed to expanding revenue from tourism. Although the country does not have such a well developed tourism industry as some of its neighbours, this is all about to change and with the increase in low cost flights to the country; tourism will increase, as more people discover the delights of this beautiful country.

6. Capital gains & income

You can focus on capital gains or income or a mix of the two.

7. Its Still Affordable

It’s still highly affordable and Slovenia property prices still seem to have a long way to move to the upside. The trend has already started, but like most property booms it will last for decades and the potential to make solid capital gains for the foreseeable future is one of the reasons Slovenian property investment is so popular.

8. Ease of purchase

The buying process is straightforward and designed to protect both buyers and sellers. Unlike in many other destinations ownership is transparent finally; there are also local finance options available, for those wanting to raise capital. There are now several specialist Slovenia estate agents that specialize in helping foreign property investors find the right property in terms of, their budget and investment aims.

Add up all the facts

Slovenia property offers the potential to make great long term capital gains, combined with good rental income, combined with the potential for future growth, makes it an excellent investment in terms of risk to reward.

Discover buying property in Slovenia and you may be glad you did.

Buy to Let Property Investment – Landlord Property Management Advice

Over the last 15 years there has been a dramatic rise in the number of people who choose to invest in property for the purpose of renting. Buy to Let sales have become much more common. It is believed renting has become very popular among tenants due to the flexibility and freedom it offers, without the commitment of buying a home. For many, purchasing and letting property has become a very profitable investment. They provide a steady, reliable income as well as a steady rise in value of their property. The income from renting property should be enough to cover the landlords mortgage payments and make a profit.

Initially it appears that property investment and rental is a flawless way to a steady income and security but property management can be a complex area with its own set of risks and pitfalls but with the right knowledge and approach it can be very rewarding. Letting agents are a good way to have your property professionally managed for a small cost. They will generally take 10%-15% of your monthly rent, plus a one off management fee and will take care of all aspects of managing your property from arranging marketing, web site advertisements and property signboards, supervised viewings, credit checks, tenancy agreements and inventories, collection of rent, property inspections, and possibly a 24 hour emergency contact.

Reasons for Rental Popularity among Tenants.

For tenants, renting has become a more flexible and attractive alternative to buying. There are several benefits that property renting can offer tenants. With job insecurity, many people now fear having the commitment of mortgage payments in the event they are suddenly out of work. It allows co-habitation of couples without the difficulties of a mortgage if there is a split. Divorce rates have become much higher in recent years and with an ageing population where people are living longer, there is more demand for homes for people living alone. Getting onto the property ladder for first time buyers has become more difficult than ever, leaving some young buyers with no other option but to rent.

Reasons for Rental Popularity among Landlords.

For landlords, investing in property can provide a secure and steady income alongside an existing job or an alternative to other forms of savings and investment. Property rental in the UK has steadily become more accepted in the last few years, catching up with places with more established industries like Europe and the US. The demand for rental property is strong and with the guarantee that the landlord can have the property back at any time, as well as charge reasonable rent is very appealing. The option of Buy To Let mortgages has provided a profitable alternative to building societies, stocks and shares with far less chance of losing your money.

More Properties

Many landlords start their property rental investment with one property as a sideline income while keeping another job. However, this has led many to take on more properties, with some eventually owning a full portfolio, which can support them financially. Another area of investment which is rapidly gaining popularity is commercial property. Property management and Buy To Let is generally associated with flats and homes but with towns and cities full of shops and offices, the opportunity for investment in these areas is also being noticed.

With property investment comes a level of risk. The risk with property however, compared to the reward is far lower than the stock market, with a higher return than savings and building societies.

Bulgaria Property Investment – an Investment for Captial Growth

2 bedroom property for sale near Varna, Bulgaria.
Property is resale and in need of major enovation.

This one-storey solidly built rural property can be transformed into an ideal holiday home after some refurbishment. Nicely located in a village STEFAN KARADJA. The house comprises of an entrance hall and two rooms all of 50 m2. Electricity and running water are available. The property is next to the small river and in the park area. The house is sold with 1160 m2 of regulated land which is big enough to build a swimming pool or arrange a recreational area. The village is big, well developed and it has shops, food stores, a local bar, a medical centre, a post office. Rural privacy can be enjoyed only 10 km(6 miles) away from the nearest municipal town of Valchi Dol and the highway can take you to the coastal city of Varna 50 km(30 miles) and its modern International Airport for less than 40 minutes drive. Regular bus transport from the nearby relatively large city is a convenience. Quite a few foreign settlers have made this village their new home. On sale by owner.

*Legal fees and taxes are NOT included in the price.
**Ready documents on reconstruction or a new building.

Slovenia Property Investment – an Investment for Captial Growth

When investing in overseas property a number of factors need to be considered which include:

The countries Political stability, economic growth and housing values at the present compared to possible future growth.

Slovenia property investing has become popular with savvy property investors all over the world, due to its potential to earn great capital growth and solid rental incomes from the buoyant buy-to-let market.

1. Economy

One of the newest members of the European Union (joining in 2004) with the top performing economy of any of the recent member states.

Government macro economic policies have seen Slovenia achieve and sustain great growth.

The Slovenian economy features:

Small external imbalances and public debt, while at the same time lowering inflation and keeping interest rates in line with the rest of the euro economy. EU entry has increased confidence which in turn has increased trade and increased growth, and overseas investment has increased steadily as a result and this has also seen property investment rise dramatically.

Per capita incomes have reached about 80 percent of EU-average for year end 2006.

With growth rates running at around 5% per annum Slovenia’s economic future looks solid. It is this economic expansion which is driving house prices up, as higher incomes and people looking for second overseas homes has increased the demand for quality housing stock.

2. Geography & Communications

Slovenia is only small, compact country and is around half the size of Switzerland or the size of Wales, yet it is beautiful with diverse scenic beauty.

Located to the east of the Trieste region of Italy, it also has borders with Croatia, Austria and Hungary making it a country at the crossroads between the established western economies and the new emerging nations of the east.

Slovenia makes a great base to explore a host of nearby countries and attractions – Venice, Prague and Budapest are all within a day trip.

Many investors who buy a Slovenia investment property are skiers. You can Ski in three countries in one day with one ski pass in these three countries Italy, Austria and of course Slovenia

Slovenia has good infrastructure and communications which is great news for the economy and tourism generally.

With budget airlines flying direct to Slovenia and offering frequent and cheap flights, more people are getting easy access to the delights of this country.

3. Beauty

Slovenia is a beautiful country. The country features all the following:

Stunning mountains, tranquil lakes, alpine forests, valleys, dotted with vineyards and finally, a beautiful stretch of Adriatic coastline. There are also bustling cities and towns such as the capital Ljubljana, the coastal town of Piran with their many attractions and plenty more. Ljubljana is popular with investors and has been compared to Prague and features beautiful baroque architecture, lovely church spires and a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

There is much to enjoy and that leads on to next point which is boosting Slovenia property investment.

4. Tourism

Tourism is rapidly becoming one of the most important industries in Slovenia, as it catches up with its neighbors who have promoted their tourist industries more aggressively until now.

5. Quality Housing

The capital has become popular with overseas property investors, who are taking advantage of growth rates of 30 – 40% per annum. The city reflects the economic growth of the country and new housing is lagging behind demand. This is due to strict local planning laws, which are restricting the flow of quality housing and demand is out stripping supply.

Primorska on the coast and the mountainous area of Gorenjska are the next most expensive places to buy in Slovenia but offer great returns.

6. A Boom in Its Infancy

Property booms tend to last for a long time and the boom in Slovenia investment property looks to be no different. With prices starting at around £40,000 and a wide choice of areas that remain relatively undeveloped there is a wide choice to suit all tastes and budgets.

7. Potential
With capital growth forecast to be up to 280% for the next decade, Slovenian investment property offers solid returns in a safe and stable environment.

You can of course also get rental incomes in the major towns such as Ljubljana and a host of other developing areas offering Slovenian property for sale which include:

The holiday resorts of Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, Maribor, the beautiful coastal city of Piran and the ski resorts of the Kranska Gora region, as well as the Soca Valley – an area of outstanding natural beauty.

8. Ease of Purchase

The buying process in Slovenia is designed to protect both buyers and sellers and local finance is also available from banks and secured locally on the property. All details are held at a central Land registry, making ownership rights clearly visible to all – which is not the case in many countries!

9. Its Safe & Friendly

Slovenia has friendly, helpful, courteous people and an absence of serious crime making it a welcoming country which leaves an impression on all who visit the country.

Slovenia property Investment offers overseas buyers a lot and buying property in Slovenia has never been more popular and it’s easy to see why.

Discover Slovenia property investment and you maybe glad you did.

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